Deluded Buzz, referred to as "Buzz #2" and "New Buzz," is a Buzz Lightyear action figure, one of the latest in its line, and wears a special, limited-edition anti-gravitational belt and is the third antagonist of the second film. When the "real" Buzz Lightyear sees this new belt, knowing that Andy would be pleased, he decides that he wants one too; he then makes a foolish attempt to steal it off Buzz #2. Immediately as Buzz tries to swipe the belt for himself, he is arrested by Buzz #2. Like Buzz in the first film, he believes that he is a real space ranger. However, he is aware that there are hundreds of other Buzz Lightyear "space rangers" like himself (and recognizes the original Buzz as a fellow space ranger), but he thinks that they're in cryogenic stasis. After trapping Buzz in a box, he is mistaken for the real Buzz by the gang. When Rex mentions that he knows how to defeat Emperor Zurg, Buzz #2 quickly decides to tag along. While the gang search Al's Toy Barn with Buzz #2, they become increasingly suspicious of his cocky attitude ("I'm Buzz Lightyear! I'm always sure!") and strange actions. While on the elevator, they encounter a savage Emperor Zurg toy, which claims to be the father of Buzz #2, much to his dismay. Rex defeats Zurg by accident, sending him falling off the elevator to his apparent doom, upsetting Buzz #2. Buzz #2 is last seen playing catch with his "dad", the Zurg toy, whose attitude towards Buzz has changed after the fall.