Buster is Andy's pet dachshund, whom he receives at the end of Toy Story and is seen in Toy Story 2. He is always full of energy, and overall a good dog. Despite the fact over most dogs are violent toward toys, Buster is considered to be nice to the toys in Andy's room, and is fiercely loyal to Woody, obeying all commands given to him by Woody. At the beginning of Toy Story 2, Buster has set a new record of 13.5 seconds on finding Woody. When Wheezy is taken by Andy's mom to be sold at a yard sale, Woody whistles for Buster and commandeers him to carry him down to the yard sale so Woody can rescue Wheezy, in which he does so for good. After the toys return home, Jessie helps Buster out of the room when he needs to go out for a 'private time', and he is last seen with Andy and his family as they go out on another drive. Whenever Buster is with Andy, he seems to hide his smart and obedient side. He appears in Toy Story 3, but looks very aged, mixed brown and gray, somewhat overweight, and slightly too weak (or disinterested) to help Woody and the toys escape.