Chuckles the Clown (voiced by [ Bud Luckey. He is the one who tells Woody of Lotso's past. Chuckles, along with Big Baby and Lotso, used to be owned by a girl named Daisy, until one day at the park they accidentally got left behind. When they got home they found out Lotso had been replaced, so he forced Big Baby to run and abandon her along with him, while Chuckles was then found by Bonnie later on. In the end credits, Bonnie draws pictures of all her toys that she has and puts them on the fridge. Bonnie drew Chuckles with a smile. Trixie replys by saying "She really got your smile!" Then Chuckles smile for the first time in years.

History Edit

Chuckles is a doleful clown who was once owned by Daisy (who also once owned Lotso and Big Baby) and later by Bonnie. He is the one who tells Woody of Lotso's past, stating that he used to be Lotso's friend during their time with Daisy until the sad tragedy that Lotso became replaced, which turned him into a cruel, mean toy.

Chuckles is first seen in the window and his face frowns, as he felt sorry for what happened to Lotso, and that he knows it's not right of what Lotso is doing in Sunnyside. He gives Woody the tag of my heart belongs to Daisy, which is later destroyed by Lotso.

In one of the end credits sequences, Woody shows him a drawn picture, and says that "Bonnie really got your smile", causing Chuckles to smile in the process, possibly for the first time in years.