Daisy is another girl who appears in Toy Story 3. She owned Lotso, Big Baby and Chuckles in the beginning, but she accidentally leaves them behind at a rest stop along the road.

History Edit

Daisy was a name of the girl who previously owned Chuckles the Clown, the Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear (who would later take over Sunnyside Daycare Center under the name Lotso), and Big Baby.

During the events of Toy Story 3, when Woody stayed at Bonnie's House, Bonnie's toys directed Woody to Chuckles the Clown when Woody mentioned Sunnyside. Chuckles told Woody about how he, along with Lotso and Big Baby, was once loved by Daisy. One day, Daisy took the three toys out for a drive, but accidentally left them at a rest stop in the countryside. The three toys made their way back to Daisy's house only to discover that Daisy's parents had bought her a new Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, leaving Lotso feeling betrayed, confused, and driven insane.

When Woody brings up the subject of Daisy after Lotso and his gang corner Andy's toys, Lotso does not want anything to do with her, believing that Daisy has thrown him out, replaced him, and never loved him. However, Big Baby still cared for Daisy, as shown when he cried "Mama..." after catching his name tag that Woody had received from Chuckles earlier. Lotso then saw Big Baby's betrayal and snapped, snatching the name tag away from Big Baby. He then smashed the name tag into pieces with his cane, which made Big Baby, having become fed up with Lotso's treachery, lift up the vile teddy bear and throw him into the dumpster.

It is unknown for now if Daisy still has the other Lotso or if she has either donated him or stored him in the attic. Her age is currently unknown.