As mentioned by Jessie, Emily is the name of her former owner. She appears only during the "When She Loved Me" musical sequence, first seen as a young girl, taking the Jessie doll out to play by swinging on a tire tied to a tree on top of a hill. Although not clearly visible, it is easy to say that Emily grew up and had no need of her toys, including Jessie, any more. As a young child she was a fan of the Wild West and horses, along with the Woody's Roundup tv show, apparent through her love of Jessie. As she became a teenager her horse obsession turned to the psychadelic pop music of the time, makeup and gossip with her friends. After some time, she finds Jessie under the bed, and she is last seen as a young teenager when she steps out of the car and places Jessie in a charity box before driving away with her mother. It is implied through the type of car, Emily's clothes (flares) and the psychadelic musical tastes as she becomes a teenager that the "When She Loved Me" sequence takes place between the early to late sixties.