Etch is an Etch-A-Sketch magic screen by Ohio Art Company. Etch is able to draw quickly and, not surprisingly, very well. Such sketches include guns, portraits of Buzz, Woody and Al, Hangman nooses, and even semi-complicated maps. This is his form of communication as he is unable to talk.

In Toy Story, Woody compliments Etch's art by saying that he has the fastest knobs in the west. He was also seen in the background many times, such as during the staff meetings and during Andy's birthday and Christmas gift opening scenes. He became fascinated with Buzz during the middle of the film when he sketched a portrait of him. Then angered by this, Woody erased it.

In Toy Story 2, Etch was seen helping Hamm, Mr. Potato Head and the gang to identify Woody's kidnapper, Al. Later on, when the toys were surfing channels to find the location on how to find Al's Toy Barn, Etch is seen in the back as he was ready to draw a map for Buzz. Near the end of the movie, sometime before Andy comes back from cowboy camp, Etch, as well as the rest of the toys (then including Jessie and Bullseye), were aligned to welcome Andy home, with a "Welcome Home, Andy" sign written on Etch. Etch was lost, broken or thrown out before Toy Story 3.