Hamm (Toy Story)
, often known as Hamm the Piggy Bank, is a wise-cracking talking plastic piggy bank with a cork in his belly. He and Mr. Potato Head appear to be best friends, as they are often seen playing games and clapping hands with each other whenever something spectacular happens. Also, Hamm takes a dislike to the chicken mascot of Al's Toy Barn, especially when he later realizes that Al McWhiggin, the mascot and owner of Al's Toy Barn, as well as the crooked yard sale customer who stole Woody, are the same man.

In Toy Story 2, after Woody is stolen, he and Potato Head set up a crime scene to present Woody's kidnapping to the other toys but Rex destroys their presentation. After helping the toys find the Al's Toy Barn commercial on TV, Hamm, along with Buzz, Potato Head, Rex, and Slinky go on a mission to rescue Woody. It is during that mission when he displays embarrassment after his cork falls out, he requests no one to look until he gets it back in. The following day, he is the first to spot Al's Toy Barn right across the street. During their search in the toy store, Hamm spots a group of Barbie dolls having a party and asks them where to find the owner of Al's Toy Barn. When Tour Guide Barbie drives the toys into the Buzz Lightyear aisle, Hamm spots a "Bonus Belt" Buzz, thinking he is Andy's Buzz (but later, the toys are able to rejoin with the "true" Buzz). When the toys break into Al's apartment, Hamm knocks down the box with the prospector inside to "You heard the kung fu? Well, get ready for pork chop!". After the toys return home, Hamm attempts to beat a "Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg" video game that is previously tried by Rex and asks if he can play for him, but Rex doesn't want to play after he defeated Zurg in the elevator, causing Hamm to lose and gets angry at Rex. He sees a sobbing Al on TV about how he lost his money, which makes Hamm happy

In Toy Story 3, Hamn is as angry as the other toys when it seemed Andy abandoned them. He is still as tech-savvy as ever in the film, and identifies several types of garbage bags, locks, and windows. When in the "toy prison" in the Caterpillar Room of the Sunnyside daycare, he plays a sad melody on the golden harmonica. He helps Rex trap Buzz when the latter is reset to his 'Space Ranger' persona, and instructs the toys on how to set Buzz back to normal. When the toys are nearly killed in an incinerator because of Lotso's betrayal, Hamn wishes for revenge on the bear for leaving them to die. He is donated to Bonnie, a little girl who owned Woody for a short time.