Hand-in-the-box is based on the "character" Thing from the 1960s TV horror spoof The Addams Family; a green rubber arm that emerges from a black box, it appears to be based on the electro-mechanical coin-bank that was marketed as part of the show's merchandising. During Woody's plan to save Buzz from Sid, Hand-in-the-box, held by Rockmobile mounted on Babyface's head, extends its hand to the doorknob, ready to open the door when the signal comes. After the Frog is let out the room to distract Scud, Hand-in-the-box mounts Roller Bob (held by Rockmobile) and extends its hand to pull Jingle Joe (carrying Janie and the Pterodactyl) when Woody motions the other mutant toys to go down to Sid's backyard. The Hand also grabs Sid's leg when the mutant toys surround him.