Magic 8-Ball is a "fortune-telling" toy by Tyco. In the first Toy Story, 8-Ball is seen on Andy's desk. In the first film, Woody attempts to use the ball to predict whether Andy will take either him or Buzz to Pizza Planet. The reply is "Don't count on it", against Woody's hopefulness that he will be taken. Woody fumes and lobs the ball away, but it ends up stuck down the back of Andy's desk; prompting Woody's idea to knock Buzz behind the desk, which ends up leading to the events afterwards. In Toy Story 2, the ball lies on Andy's top bookshelf next to a forgotten Wheezy and Rock-a-Stack, an old, dusty baby toy by Fisher-Price. In Toy Story 3, Molly is seen carrying a large box of toys to be donated to Sunnyside Daycare she bumped into a wall and max fell out and then Andy picked it up and put it back in the box and helped her carry the box.

It was donated to Sunnyside and stayed there while Woody and the gang lived with Bonnie.