Rocky Gibraltar is a figure of a heavy-weight wrestler, probably based on Wrestling Superstars collectible wrestling figures made by Hasbro. He is the strongest toy in Andy's room. As with Troll, Rocky is silent and plays an unimportant role in the movies, but he can speak in the Disney Adventures comics and in the Toy Story Activity Center CD-Rom game from Disney Interactive, in the Activity Center computer game, he can be seen on the top shelf playing cards with Hamm and replies in third-person, saying, "Rocky needs to work on brain muscles". After Woody throws RC off the moving truck, Rocky, under Mr. Potato Head's orders, plays a prominent role in Woody's torture by spinning him in the air and later tossing him off the truck personally. But when the toys realize that Woody's only use of RC is to help Buzz onto the truck, Bo Peep calls Rocky who then redeems himself by lowering the truck's ramp for them. In Toy Story 2, Rocky, with Sarge's toy soldiers, tries to hold back the door to prevent Buster from entering, but Buster rams the door open, causing Rocky and the soldiers to go flying. Rocky is also seen holding Wheezy as Wheezy begs Buzz to rescue Woody and when waving Buzz and his rescue squad goodbye as they leave on their mission.

Rocky also appears via archive footage in Toy Story 3.