Sarge, also known as Army Sarge and Sergeant, is the gung-ho commander of an army of plastic toy soldiers from Bucket O Soldiers.

He and the Bucket 'O' Soldiers are set in particular positions. They are highly disciplined with a "Leave no man behind" policy and are masters of reconnaissance. Woody describes them as "professionals." Sarge and his soldiers go on missions to help Andy's toys check up on Andy's activities with his friends or family. Sarge himself stays behind, at great risk, to save one of his men that Mrs. Davis accidentally steps on. Sarge and his troops frequently help out their fellow toys. With their assistance, the toys discover what presents Andy and Molly are getting on birthdays and Christmas. At the beginning of Toy Story, the soldiers venture out of Andy's room and hide in an indoor plant to report Andy's birthday presents to the toys and one of his comrades were injured after Mrs. Davis accidentally steps on one of them. After Woody knocks Buzz out the window, Sarge rants at Woody furiously and calls him a dirtbag, knowing he's not a worthy captain, and later, both he and the other Green Army Men jump up on Woody's body and "frag" him. However, for Woody's deeds in helping save Buzz, Sarge is proud to work under Woody once again, as shown at the end of the film when they hide in a Christmas tree to report to the toys what Andy and Molly are getting for Christmas. In Toy Story 2, Sarge orders the soldiers to hold back the door (with help from Rocky) to prevent Buster's entry, but Buster bursts open the door, causing the soldiers to go flying. When Woody alerts the toys about the yard sale occurring outside the house, he signals Sarge for an "emergency roll call" and Sarge orders the toys to line up in a single-file line. In Toy Story 3. Sarge and his last two men leave Andy's room to find a better life claiming "the mission is complete." Sarge and his two men settle in Sunnyside at the end of the movie.